Selling Advice & Attracting your buyer

It’s our job to sell your home but there are ways you can help:

  • If it needs it, give your front door a fresh coat of paint, first impressions count.
  • Cutting the lawn and feeding it a couple of weeks before hand, will brighten it up and make it look healthy.
  • A well-kept garden, pathway and fence are immediately appealing.
  • Hanging gates, peeling paint, broken steps, damp patches - things like this give people either cause to panic or room to negotiate, so its worth repairing them all.
  • Check your roof and guttering, replace broken tiles and it's worth casting an eye over the drains too.
  • Keep things clean, tidy and uncluttered, so people can stroll around your home as if they, might one day, own it.
  • Organise your rooms, a property will be more appealing if rooms have a specific purpose and this allows buyers to see the full potential of the property.
  • In the winter, leave lights on around the house.
  • Let fresh air in and damp or doggy smells out. If possible, ask friends or family to look after any pets during viewings.
  • Never leave a property totally empty, that ‘lived-in’ feeling matters to buyers.
  • It’s been said that if someone takes a seat they’re at ease with the place they’re in - and maybe thinking about making an offer. So make sure people can get to sofas and armchairs easily.
  • Finally, two tried and tested classics. Smells sell, avoid strong food odours - don't cook food such as fish or curry before a viewing, as the smell will linger. The smell of freshly-baked bread or fresh coffee is said to provide a welcoming feel to a home, so brew a pot of fresh coffee just before the viewing and if it’s winter and you have a fire or stove, get it blazing, nothing warms a buyer’s heart like a crackling log.